Embark on the enchanting love story of Servane and Marc, a captivating couple from Paris, who chose the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany for their wedding at the exquisite Villa Catignano. As Servane’s radiant smile met Marc’s tender gaze, their ceremony unfolded against the timeless allure of Tuscany weddings.

Adding an unexpected twist to their special day, raindrops began to fall at the start of the ceremony. Instead of dampening spirits, the gentle rain added a touch of magic, transforming their Tuscany wedding at Villa Catignano into an intimate and extraordinary affair.

Against the backdrop of rain-kissed landscapes, Servane and Marc’s love shone even brighter. The golden glow of the sunset reflected in their eyes as they exchanged vows, creating unforgettable memories in the romantic setting of Villa Catignano. Their love journey, navigating both sunshine and rain, became a testament to the inherent magic of Tuscany weddings. Through my lens, I captured every stolen glance, shared laughter, and moment of pure joy, ensuring that the story of their love at Villa Catignano remains etched in memory forever.