The Medicean Villa of Artimino also called La Ferdinanda or Villa of the Hundred Chimneys, it is located on a small hill outside the village of Artimino in Tuscany not far from Florence.

The Villa was built by the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de Medici by the famous architect Bernardo Buontalenti, the work for its construction was completed in 1600 and lasted only four years.

For its location, and its typically Tuscan landscape surrounding it is the ideal place for weddings, civil ceremonies can be made directly in the garden in front of the big staircase, even the wedding dinners can take place in the garden or in one of the elegant salons inside, in the immediate vicinity is the church of Santa Maria and San Leonardo built before the year 1000 perfect for wedding ceremonies with religious ritual.

The wedding photo shoots with the bride and groom after the ceremony can be done directly inside of Villa Artimino, spaces are not lacking, the grand staircase and the park that surrounds the Villa are also ideal location for group photos of relatives and friends and for the organization of Photo Booth.

In this beautiful venues I’ve made several photo shoots of wedding over the years, always with good results, so I recommend it to all couples who want to come to get married in Tuscany for the most important day of their lives.