Villa Castelletti is in the surroundings of Signa near Florence in Tuscany. Its construction dates back to the early 1400s at the behest of the Strozzi family, one of the most powerful Florentine families of ‘era.

In the heart of Tuscany between cypresses and olive trees stands the majestic silhouette of Villa Castelletti, one of the largest wedding location in the area.

The civil wedding ceremonies take place both in front of the facade and in the surrounding gardens, the locations are many, The wedding dinners can be achieved both in the garden, always in front of the villa or all ‘inside the large and spectacular winter garden.

At Villa Castelletti the photographic services wedding with the bride and groom can do it anywhere around its perimeter, there are so many trees and lots of green, you can take pictures with spouses and relatives up the small lake on the back side of the villa.

At Villa Castelletti Signa I made several wedding photo shoots, and I never felt the need go in other locations where taking photos with newlyweds alone, the surrounding space is varied and suitable for any kind of framing.