The San Galgano Abbey is situated about thirty kilometers from Siena near Chiusdino.

This Cistercian abbey is definitely one of the most famous in Tuscany, thanks to its characteristic of being completely without the roof but totally complete in its architecture.

His story begins with a medieval knight, Galgano Guidotti, who after a lifetime in debauchery one day he had a vision that changed his life, the Arcangelo Michele appeared, which induced him to travel to Monte Siepi where Galgano drew his sword and stuck it into a rock as a symbol of a cross and of his change, the same place he spent the rest of his life devoting himself to prayer.

After his death in 1181 at Monte Siepi a church was built with a circular shape, the hermitage of Monte Siepi.

In 1218 a from a short distance from hermitage began construction of a new larger church in honor of Galgano (who had become Holy) by order of Cistercian monks following the project of Donnus Johannes and Ugolino di Maffeo.

Inside the San Galgano Abbey, which is deconsecrated, you can make beautiful and evocative ceremonies of civil marriage, at the center of the Church or in the cloister covered on the right.

As location for photo shoots of wedding, San Galgano is the best you can find in Tuscany, unique, thanks to the possibility to realize a civil wedding ceremony (legally valid in all respects) inside of a church with incomparable charm.

Here I have took a lot of photos of wedding in addition of architectural photos and movies in Super8 film, San Galgano is definitely my favorite location in Tuscany for Wedding photos shoots, I definitely recommend this place to all future spouses couples in search of something different also able to amaze your family and guests.