Suzanne & Martijn: A Tuscany Love Affair at San Galgano Abbey

Step into the heartwarming love story of Suzanne and Martijn, a Dutch couple who, along with their cherished little one, embarked on a memorable journey to the enchanting San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany. This destination wedding not only celebrated their love but also the joy of family.

As you browse through these photos, witness the tender moments shared by this beautiful family against the timeless backdrop of San Galgano Abbey. From the intimate ceremony that united them in love to the joyous festivities that echoed through the historic walls, each photograph tells a story of shared laughter, love, and the unbreakable bond they all share.

Join us in celebrating this cross-cultural love affair, where the allure of Tuscany and the historic charm of San Galgano Abbey became the stage for Suzanne, Martijn, and their little one to create everlasting memories