From Hong Kong to Florence: Ming & Yifei’s Enchanting Engagement

Let’s dive into the magic that is Ming and Yifei’s engagement in the heart of Florence. No need for weather updates – it’s all about these two and the enchanting backdrop of this incredible city!

Piazza Santa Croce set the scene for Ming and Yifei’s love, surrounded by the rich history of Florence. Every corner of this square became a chapter in their unfolding romance.

The iconic Ponte Vecchio witnessed their love story in all its glory. Ming and Yifei brought their unique connection to the bridge, making it a symbol of their journey together.

Ming and Yifei’s love took center stage in the historic Piazza della Signoria. Surrounded by the sculptures and grandeur, they etched their story into the heart of Florence.

Inspired by Ming and Yifei’s adventure? Let’s chat about how we can capture your unique love story against the backdrop of this captivating city. Your moments, your story, in the heart of Florence!