The buildup to your wedding day can feel like an eternity, filled with excitement and anticipation. But as the wedding day unfolds, precious moments flit by in a joyous blur. Make sure that you can look back on these fleeting memories forever by hiring a great wedding photographer in Florence. Here are some tips on finding one:

Decide on a budget

Do your research on the average costs of photography packages in Florence to set a realistic starting point. Will you need the photographer for the entire event or just key moments like getting ready and the ceremony? Are there specific moments you absolutely want to be documented (such as cake cutting or dance floor action)? Prioritizing these factors will help determine the number of hours needed and potentially influence the cost. To save, consider fewer coverage hours.

You also need to know if having a second photographer to capture different angles is important for you. Ultimately, it’s about identifying the moments you value most and tailoring the package.

Look beyond portfolio highlights

When searching for a wedding photographer in Florence, look beyond the curated slideshows and explore their full wedding galleries. This wider view allows you to see the photographer’s ability to capture a variety of moments — the joyful smiles, the energetic dances, and even the quieter, intimate details that add depth to your story.

Focus on finding photos that feel authentic and natural. These candid moments (rather than posed setups) are what you’ll truly cherish as memories. Look for a photographer skilled at capturing genuine emotions and interactions.

Alessandro Chiarini – A trusted wedding photographer in Florence

Alessandro Chiarini has spent years taking wedding photos and focusing on the natural, beautiful backdrop of Tuscany’s countryside. His work is about catching the real, spontaneous moments. Alessandro takes photos that tell a story, your story, without staging anything — just pure, heartfelt snapshots that bring back all the emotions whenever you look at them.

If you’re envisioning your love story captured against the stunning backdrop of Florence, reach out on WhatsApp at +39 3473353819.

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