Analog film wedding photography has a particular charm, it goes beyond passing fashions and is made to last over time.

Although I have been shooting digitally for many years, I have never forgotten about film photography.

The film has a particular rendering, with its contrasts, its whites and its blacks, which make you travel in time and take you back to when you were a child, to the photos of holidays, birthdays, school, friends, the time that passes.

The photos taken on film were slightly less sharp, the colors were different, but they had greater warmth, they were more imperfect, more mysterious, in short, they were the perfect imperfection.

Taking film wedding photos requires more awareness of what you are doing, greater knowledge of light and contrasts, greater knowledge of the shooting technique.

I personally take care of all the phases of analogue wedding photography: from the shot, to the development, to the final scan, I want to have total control to get the best result.

Film Wedding Photographer? Digital wedding photographer? Both to take the best of both technologies!